Abstraction and Prophesy have been in the market since June, 1993. Since then, we have proudly delivered Prophesy to all range of customers, from individual consultants to Fortune 500 companies, as well as several Universities and government institutions.

In order to enhance the confidentiality of our customers, we have decided not to place their names in this page. However, we will gladly make available, upon request, a sample list of Prophesy customers, should you send us an email requesting so.

Prophesy has also been evaluated in various prestigious trade magazines. Check PCWeek's Netweek section of October 10, 1994 under the heading "Prophesy brings solid network simulation on a tight budget".  The LAN Times magazine gave Prophesy 3.2 nodes, and more recently Network World made Prophesy its Blue Ribbon winner over a field of various network simulation tools (February 23, 1998 issue).

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