Prophesy Express

Prophesy Express is an entry-level user interface which enables you to benefit from the power of Prophesy as soon as possible. You can think of Prophesy Express as a Prophesy "Super-wizard", which provides a set of general assumptions about the way your network works.

In general, a simulation model consists of the three following description sets:

Prophesy Express helps by restricting the set of processes applied to your workflow and by making simplified assumptions about the topology of your network. In most cases, you can build more than acceptable models by simply specifying the topology and workflow aspects of the system, along with the delays associated with the work on each visited resource.

While you may think that an easier user interface based on restriction parameters is not necessarily desirable, we have made certain that should you wish to grow your model beyond Prophesy Express’s capabilities, you will be able to read your model onto Prophesy and continue to expand it.

The following should help clarify what Prophesy Express is:

There are three basic steps in defining a Prophesy Express model:

1. Create and name the model resources.

2. Link the resources.

3. Define the resources and their transactions.

Within Prophesy Express, you define transactions with an alpha-numeric name. Prophesy Express supports three types of transactions:

Obviously, at least one of your system resources should be generating transactions (GEN), or there would not be any work to simulate! A generated transaction is, by definition, a request transaction. Examples of generated transactions are:

a) A data base query originating from a user workstation.

b) A work process initiating a specific workflow. For example, a purchase or a customer inquiry.

c) A data entry operation.

Once generated, a transaction represents a work entity that will travel across the system, visiting one or more resources and suffering variable delays, before it gets serviced and completed. It is up to you to specify what path and what delays are to be incurred by any given transaction within each resource.

Click here for a Prophesy Express Demo. You will need to unZip the file prior to running it.

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