wizard.gif (2623 bytes)What is Prophesy?

With Prophesy you can simulate computer systems and practically any system involving requests, services, and queues. You can make educated guesses on ways to improve or solve performance issues or designing your system before spending capital.

Prophesy gives computer professionals the opportunity to simulate their respective SOA environments, including LAN and WAN environments for day-to-day management optimizations.

With Prophesy, you will be able to answer questions such as these:

While optimized for information systems modeling, Prophesy is flexible enough to simulate practically any other queuing and workflow problem—whether it be a production line in a manufacturing process or a service line in a retail outlet.

Prophesy provides a powerful simulation environment. Its easy-to-use graphical modeling approach has a learning curve that allows for rapid prototyping and concept modeling, while permitting incremental modeling of more advanced features.

Prophesy runs under MS/Windows 3.1 or above. 386, 486DX or Pentium, with 4 Mb of memory.  

Abstraction releases Prophesy Version 3

Version 3 includes an easy to use Express interface that help you build models faster

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